National Bridge Inventory

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Source: Federal Highway Administration
Updated: 9/20/2014
Records: 601,503

This layer represents the point database for National Bridge Inventory data provided by the United States Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and National Bridge Inspection Program.  Users will have access to this layer in the side pane when a Location of Interest (LOI) is placed near available records.  The original data was downloaded from the FHWA as comma separated values then converted to spatial point data type using latitude and longitude information in records.  When the user selects a specific bridge, the pop-up bubble will show State, Bridge ID, Facility Carried by Bridge, Descriptive Location, Year Built, Status, and URL to more information at state DoT (if available). In addition, a datasheet containing full attribution is available with each bridge; URL is accessible in bubble.

uGRIDD partnered with Terrametrix to show additional metadata where LiDAR scans were collected. The applicable bridges will show a second tab, "uSHARE" to show more information and link to the Terrametrix website with more information.