Minnesota LiDAR

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Source: Minnesota Geospatial Information Office
Updated: 7/18/2013
Records: 27,000+

This layer represents the grid for available LiDAR data from the State of Minnesota. Users will have access to this layer in the side pane when a Location of Interest (LOI) is placed near available records. When a user selects a tile, the pop-up bubble will show tile index, quarter quad ID, quarter quad name, LAZ URL, and GDB URL.

Minnesota LiDAR also has a complimentary index layer with links to index maps and FTP folders.

Data Info

Mean Post Spacing = 1.5 meters (first return)
<=15 centimeter RMSEz, 2-foot vertical accuracy (95% confidence)
1 meter horizontal accuracy
Tiling scheme is 1:24,000 quarter-quarter quads (1/16 quad) – an area of 3.25 square miles