uGRIDD Data Layers

One of uGRIDD's core tools, uFIND, helps users like you find a variety of publicly available data using a Location of Interest (LOI) search.  From NGS Monuments to Aerial LiDAR to Tax Maps, we can help you collect the important data for upcoming projects. To take advantage of these valuable layers, sign up for a free uGRIDD account. When you have completed your profile, navigate to to start searching. 

To explore uGRIDD's data offerings, use the Layer list to the right. Each page will offer coverage, source, update date, and links to the original provider. 

Data on uFIND:

- US National Bridge Inventory

- NGS Monuments

- Aerial LiDAR

- Tax Maps

- Mile Posts

- PLSS Sections and Townships

- Oil Wells (Land and Offshore)

- Local Parcels

...and much more