uPANO: A better way to view Leica TruView Data

Dear uGRIDD users:

We are pleased to introduce uPANO, a new function of the existing TruView2Map tool. uPANO is a web-based panorama viewer for 3D laser scanning (LiDAR) data and panorama photos. Using TruView2Map or uGRIDD’s customization services, you can view your data on desktop and mobile devices without plugins or compatibility issues. uPANO also includes features for measurement and XYZ coordinate extraction.

The uGRIDD team invites you to try our easy-to-use tool by visiting this uPANO demo page containing LiDAR scans of Chicago’s iconic Water Tower.


  • Select a scan location.
  • Click through the uPANO link in bubble.
  • Explore the panorama and discover the measurement tools (top left).

Where to find uGRIDD in February:


IPLSA Annual Conference Peoria Civic Center,
Peoria, Illinois
February 25-27, 2015