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uSHOW is a collection of time saving tools that process specific data to be viewed on a map. An URL is usually the deliverable of the process. The URL can be protected by uGRIDD user name and password. Users can view the map via email invitation with the URL and invitation code. The tools offer HTML codes that can be inserted into your website.

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uTOOL is a collection of time saving tools to retrieve and/or process data. The deliverables of uTOOL are either to be downloaded by or emailed to the user.

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uSHARE offers users to upload their geo-referenced infrastructure data, such as surveying and geotechnical data, on the uGRIDD website with detailed description (meta data). In addition, special data elements including user, user group, organization and URLs generated by using uSHOW functions can also be geo-referenced at user's choice and found by other users. This search feature to the special data elements offers an indirect way for users to find data while the security of the data is protected...

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uFIND is a subscription service that allows users to find data based on Location Of Interest (LOI) in the front page of uGRIDD web site. Without subscription, you could use this function to find data hosted by uGRIDD and data uploaded by other users for public finding and viewing. uFIND can also be used to locate users, user groups, organizations and user generated URLs, as long as these special data element are set for public visibility...

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