uSHARE allows users to upload their georeferenced infrastructure data, such as surveying and geotechnical data on uGRIDD with detailed metadata. In addition, special data elements including user, user group, organization and URLs generated by using uSHOW functions can also be georeferenced at user's choice and found by other users. This search feature offers an indirect way for users to find data while the security of the data is protected. There are two options to host your data detailed below.


Share With All Users

This option is FREE of charge from uGRIDD. You may share your data that can be found by anyone who has uFIND subscription. You may allow users only view the metadata, or a sample preview of the contents. Users who have interest to your data may contact you for further details. You can choose the way to be contacted, for example, email and/or telephone. You can also be contacted anonymously.

Video Demonstration:


Share With a Private User Group

You may choose to share your data with a user group. You can create a new user group or specify an existing user group of which you are a member. Members of a user group can find data shared within that user group by using LOI search without uFIND subscription. Members of a user group don't have to be within the same organization, but an organization can be a user group. User groups can be, for example, a project team or a department of an organization. You will need to have the administrator privilege to invite other users to join your user group.

Video Demonstration: