uMEASURE: Spatial measurement made easy

Dear uGRIDD users:

We are excited to introduce uMEASURE, a spatial measurement tool available with all uSHOW generated pages. uMEASURE can be used to find the distance between designated points, calculate the area and perimeter of a polygon, and determine the heading of a line (magnetic direction) between two points. Users can perform these measurements on any uSHOW page on the fly.

To ensure accurate results, uMEASURE supports snapping to the coordinates of your uSHOW data. It can be applied to points, lines, and polygon vertices. For example, a current user estimated over 150 miles of material needed for a fiber optic cable installation project using the uMEASURE tools after mapping the project’s surveyed hand holes on a uSHOW page.

The uMEASURE tools can be found at the lower left corner of a uSHOW page.


Where to find uGRIDD in March:


SPAR International Conference
George R. Brown Convention Center
Houston, Texas
March 30-April 2