uGRIDD Releases Scan2Map


Scan2Map reads the point cloud data types and automatically extracts the laser scanner setup positions as vantage points. The vantage points are overlaid on an interactive map by defining the project coordinate system. uGRIDD supports worldwide popular projections and user-defined coordinate systems with a minimum of two common points projected to WGS84, the World Geodetic System established in 1984. From the vantage points, users can access a 3D panoramic view of the LiDAR data in uPANO, uGRIDD’s proprietary 3D data viewer.  Users can also measure distances and extract feature points with XYZ coordinates and description in uPANO, and export the feature points list to other applications, such as asset management. If vantage points other than the laser scanner setup positions are desired, customers should use LiDAR2Map, a similar feature on the uGRIDD platform. 

Scan2Map is offered on an annual renewable subscription basis in multiples of 25 vantage points. Each 25-vantages cost one map credit priced at $100. Discounts are available in the uGRIDD online store for purchases made in quantities. To experience this feature, please click the following link:

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uGRIDD Releases uPANO 2.0

The new uPANO 2.0 viewer handles 3D data in panoramic views, accessed from vantage points overlaid on an interactive map. It differs from conventional viewers because uPANO 2.0 allows extremely precise LiDAR point picking while not compromising performance. This is accomplished via an upgrade to the uPANO 1.7 engine that now allows users to load and utilize actual LiDAR data.  This upgrade greatly improves on competitors’ use of imagery, localized surface modeling, and closest-neighbor algorithms. Furthermore, uPANO is operable on any device with a web browser, accessed anywhere in the world 24/7/365, does not require additional software or plug-ins, and requires no special training to operate.

To assist users in data point picking and edge identification, a number of advanced computer visualization technologies are employed in uPANO 2.0. These visualization features include: user adjustable point size, point shading, grayscale color mapping by depth, and uGRIDD’s innovative Spotlight feature. When Spotlight is used, a small sample of LiDAR data is loaded dynamically in the viewer around the user's cursor.  This not only allows seamless use of the viewer on devices with lower grade graphics cards, but also keeps users focused on the area of interest. This ingenious combination of features allows users to balance visualization effects and device performance better than ever before, further bridging the gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders. The uPANO viewer is currently deployed in LiDAR2Map, Scan2Map, and CAD2Pano products. 

In addition to the features mentioned above, uPANO 2.0 now offers the ability to switch between panoramic imagery and LiDAR views, alter the number of visible neighboring vantage positions, and jump between multiple common units of measurement (usFT, feet, meter) on-the-fly. Also new in this release is the first glimpse of uGRIDD’s linear referencing system (LRS). When extracting feature points, uGRIDD’s LRS can compute, display, and export stationing (milepost or kilometric point) and offset, XYZ coordinates, and point descriptions, adding to uGRIDD’s ability to disseminate project data.

To test uPANO 2.0 right now, please visit

uGRIDD Releases LiDAR2Map Tool

LiDAR2Map accepts registered LiDAR data sets collected by commercial laser scanners at various viewing positions and produces panorama views of each data set from the given vantage point. The panorama views are shown on an interactive map as operable icons. Users can access the map page from a URL shared by the publisher, click on the icons, and view the panoramas in uPANO, a built-in proprietary viewer. Users can also measure distances between any two points and extract single point XYZ coordinates while viewing the panoramas. uPANO provides users the flexibility to view and measure LiDAR data in any browser, including those on mobile phones and tablets. The raw and/or processed LiDAR data sets, in any format, can also be hosted on the uGRIDD Cloud for later downloads.

Similar to other uSHOW products, LiDAR2Map is offered on a pay-per-usage basis. The publisher purchases credits and data throughput to process the LiDAR data sets, generates a webpage and shares the webpage URL (with an optional invitation code) with his/her audience. The webpage stored on the uGRIDD Cloud can be accessed at any time, from anywhere, by an unlimited number of users without additional charges for one year. The publisher can renew the webpage annually as needed. For example, a publisher can process and share up to 25 LiDAR scans for approximately $100 per year, depending upon the size of the LiDAR data sets. The LiDAR2Map tool is currently available as a customizable service (prior to its May 2015 release) for a $600 flat fee for an order of up to 50 scans.

uGRIDD also offers Enterprise Data Solutions with its powerful uFIND and uSHARE products. Some of the key features include: 

• Location based queries (uFIND) based on Location of Interest (LOI)

• Sharing data with all uGRIDD customers for free

• Sharing data with private user groups

• Worldwide projection grid transformation with WGS 84 

uGRIDD will continue improving its products and services by providing the best value to show, share, host, and find customers’ infrastructure data.

uGRIDD Releases Feature Extraction Function in uPANO

LiDAR data, typically captured by terrestrial, mobile and/or airborne devices, has found its position during the last 20 years in many industries, such as infrastructure engineering and management. As a member in the Big Data family, LiDAR data is worthy to bank, however, is hard to manage and view due to its size and complexity. A specialized complex and expensive software suite is usually necessary to do the job, so that only those well-trained professionals would have access to LiDAR data.

uGRIDD first released LiDAR2Map in 2015. This web-based tool offers low cost panoramic viewing of LiDAR data from vantage points chosen by the data publisher. Many LiDAR data service providers utilize LiDAR2Map as part of its data submittals to clients. The clients do not have to invest in any software other than a standard web browser. To further meet the demand of extracting features from LiDAR data, uGRIDD not only enables users to pick XYZ coordinates from the interface, but also allows them to enter a description, code and/or URL, and tabulate the data so that the extracted features can be exported as a CSV file. It then can be imported into other software systems.

This is going to disrupt some of the current workflows in the industry and enable everyone who has access to the LiDAR dataset to build their own geodatabase of the features that are important to them. The extracted data points have many uses, including CAD, mapping, GIS, BIM, and asset management systems.

This feature is enabled in two uGRIDD uSHOW products: LiDAR2Map and TruView2Map. It is also available in Pano2Map, when combined with LiDAR data. Please test it by using the following link:

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uGRIDD Launched its Beta Version Website

Description:uGRIDD Corporation launched and exhibited a beta version of its website at the CMAA (Construction Management Association of America) 2012 Conference.

The website offers services that allow customers to show, share, and find infrastructure data. The website also provides useful time-saving tools to manipulate and process georeferenced data.