uGRIDD Releases LiDAR2Map Tool

uGRIDD Corporation announced its plan to release an online LiDAR data viewing and sharing tool, LiDAR2Map, in mid-May 2015.  This tool will be integrated into the uSHOW product line, part of uGRIDD’s Project Data Sharing Solution to the infrastructure engineering market.

LiDAR2Map accepts registered LiDAR data sets collected by commercial laser scanners at various viewing positions and produces panorama views of each data set from the given vantage point. The panorama views are shown on an interactive map as operable icons. Users can access the map page from a URL shared by the publisher, click on the icons, and view the panoramas in uPANO, a built-in proprietary viewer. Users can also measure distances between any two points and extract single point XYZ coordinates while viewing the panoramas. uPANO provides users the flexibility to view and measure LiDAR data in any browser, including those on mobile phones and tablets. The raw and/or processed LiDAR data sets, in any format, can also be hosted on the uGRIDD Cloud for later downloads.

Similar to other uSHOW products, LiDAR2Map is offered on a pay-per-usage basis. The publisher purchases credits and data throughput to process the LiDAR data sets, generates a webpage and shares the webpage URL (with an optional invitation code) with his/her audience. The webpage stored on the uGRIDD Cloud can be accessed at any time, from anywhere, by an unlimited number of users without additional charges for one year. The publisher can renew the webpage annually as needed. For example, a publisher can process and share up to 25 LiDAR scans for approximately $100 per year, depending upon the size of the LiDAR data sets. The LiDAR2Map tool is currently available as a customizable service (prior to its May 2015 release) for a $600 flat fee for an order of up to 50 scans.

uGRIDD also offers Enterprise Data Solutions with its powerful uFIND and uSHARE products. Some of the key features include: 

• Location based queries (uFIND) based on Location of Interest (LOI)

• Sharing data with all uGRIDD customers for free

• Sharing data with private user groups

• Worldwide projection grid transformation with WGS 84 

uGRIDD will continue improving its products and services by providing the best value to show, share, host, and find customers’ infrastructure data.