uGRIDD Releases Feature Extraction Function in uPANO

uGRIDD Corporation announced its release of a new feature built-in its popular LiDAR data viewer, uPANO. This feature will offer uGRIDD customers an easy to use and low cost web-based tool to extract XYZ coordinates directly from uPANO, a proprietary panoramic viewing interface for LiDAR data, panoramic photo and 3D CAD/BIM models. 

LiDAR data, typically captured by terrestrial, mobile and/or airborne devices, has found its position during the last 20 years in many industries, such as infrastructure engineering and management. As a member in the Big Data family, LiDAR data is worthy to bank, however, is hard to manage and view due to its size and complexity. A specialized complex and expensive software suite is usually necessary to do the job, so that only those well-trained professionals would have access to LiDAR data.

uGRIDD first released LiDAR2Map in 2015. This web-based tool offers low cost panoramic viewing of LiDAR data from vantage points chosen by the data publisher. Many LiDAR data service providers utilize LiDAR2Map as part of its data submittals to clients. The clients do not have to invest in any software other than a standard web browser. To further meet the demand of extracting features from LiDAR data, uGRIDD not only enables users to pick XYZ coordinates from the interface, but also allows them to enter a description, code and/or URL, and tabulate the data so that the extracted features can be exported as a CSV file. It then can be imported into other software systems.

This is going to disrupt some of the current workflows in the industry and enable everyone who has access to the LiDAR dataset to build their own geodatabase of the features that are important to them. The extracted data points have many uses, including CAD, mapping, GIS, BIM, and asset management systems.

This feature is enabled in two uGRIDD uSHOW products: LiDAR2Map and TruView2Map. It is also available in Pano2Map, when combined with LiDAR data. Please test it by using the following link:

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