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Location of Interest

LOI is a new way for you to find data, can be a point, line string or shape with a search radius...Learn more

Case Study

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"WMATA Metrorail Using ‘Big Data’ to Install Cellular Service" —— Passenger Transport

Description: “In the U.S., mobile LiDAR mapping technology had not been used in tunnels on any known project more than five miles in length,” Falken said. Metrorail engaged Maser Consulting, P.A., an engineering firm specializing in geospatial services, to test the mobile technology on a five-mile section. The demonstration was successful. Next,...

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uGRIDD is on Passenger Transport: "CTA Use of LiDAR Improves Project Delivery And Capital Asset Management"

Description: “With the LiDAR data stored on uGRIDD anyone can zoom down a 360 degree LiDAR depiction of a rail line and find the data you need. It avoids time intensive and costly field work,” said Jim Harper, CTA chief engineer for infrastructure.Harper believes that asbuilt dimensions of the CTA...

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Organized for Success: Geospatial Project Management on Chicago's Red Line

The Chicago Transit Authority's (CTA) Red Line is Chicago's busiest rail line with an average weekday ridership exceeding 250,000. It's a vital artery of the city, and runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year—ideally, the Red Line should never shut down. So the CTA's recent rehabilitation of 10.5...

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