uGRIDD Releases Scan2Map

uGRIDD Corporation announced its release of a new feature, Scan2Map. As an infrastructure Big Data platform, uGRIDD interfaces with all common data formats used in the infrastructure lifecycle and publishes the data. While maintaining the original datum set at the data collection effort in a project, uGRIDD provides genreferencing and visualization of datasets over a web-based interactive map. Each published project dataset is also managed in the uGRIDD cloud data management system for future search and use.

Through Scan2Map, customers can process and publish their laser scanned point cloud data over a web portal so that all stakeholder can utilize the data without additional software or training. Built on the popular features of TruView2Map and RScan2Map, uGRIDD has integrated and simplified the laser scanned point cloud data hosting and visualization feature to support Leica TruView, Trimble RealWorks and Riegal RiSCAN data formats. Additional point cloud data formats will be supported in the near feature. 

Scan2Map reads the point cloud data types and automatically extracts the laser scanner setup positions as vantage points. The vantage points are overlaid on an interactive map by defining the project coordinate system. uGRIDD supports worldwide popular projections and user-defined coordinate systems with a minimum of two common points projected to WGS84, the World Geodetic System established in 1984. From the vantage points, users can access a 3D panoramic view of the LiDAR data in uPANO, uGRIDD’s proprietary 3D data viewer.  Users can also measure distances and extract feature points with XYZ coordinates and description in uPANO, and export the feature points list to other applications, such as asset management. If vantage points other than the laser scanner setup positions are desired, customers should use LiDAR2Map, a similar feature on the uGRIDD platform. 

Scan2Map is offered on an annual renewable subscription basis in multiples of 25 vantage points. Each 25-vantages cost one map credit priced at $100. Discounts are available in the uGRIDD online store for purchases made in quantities. To experience this feature, please click the following link:

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