Host and Visualize Your
Laser Scanned Point Cloud Data over an Interactive Map

  • To test, please clickTrimbile Realworks,Leica TruView,RIEGL RiSCAN on map
  • Visualize your data in uPANO viewer
  • Measure distance and extract coordinates
  • On any device with no additional software
  • Multiple data formats supported
  • Worldwide geodetic grids supported
  • Private and encrypted maps
  • Publish and share in minutes

Point Cloud Data Formats Currently Supported

Leica TruView data by Cyclone Publisher
Trimble RealWorks in .RWP and .TZF
RIEGL RiSCAN Database in .RDBX (v2.x)

For additional data formats and/or arbitrary vantage points, please
Check out our LiDAR2Map tool which currently supports LAS, LAZ, DotProduct, & PTS  formats

How do I create a map like this with my Laser Scanned data?

---- Use Scan2Map, a uSHOW function ----

Watch video demonstration Download demo data
  • 1. Select your your data format
  • 2. Upload zipped LiDAR data files
  • 3. Preview and test your map
  • 4. Publish & Share your URL!

What if I have data in spreadsheet, KML/KMZ, or Shapefile format?

Please consider using other uSHOW functions: