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How do I create a map like this with LiDAR2Map?

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  • 1. Input your LiDAR file name and define your LiDAR location;
  • 2. Zip your LiDAR file and upload to uGRIDD.
  • 3. Preview and test your newly mapped LiDAR Data;
  • 4. Start publishing your URL!
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Similar to other uSHOW products, LiDAR2Map is offered on a pay-per-usage basis. The publisher purchases credits and data throughput to process the LiDAR data sets, generates a webpage and shares the webpage URL (with an optional invitation code) with his/her audience. The webpage stored on the uGRIDD Cloud can be accessed at any time, from anywhere, by an unlimited number of users without additional charges for one year. The publisher can renew the webpage annually as needed. For example, a publisher can process and share up to 25 LiDAR scans for approximately $100 per year, depending upon the size of the LiDAR data sets. The LiDAR2Map tool is currently available as a customizable service (prior to its May 2015 release) for a $600 flat fee for an order of up to 50 scans.


What if I have data in spreadsheet, KML/KMZ, or Shapefile format?

Please consider using other uSHOW functions: