uTOOL is a collection of time saving tools to retrieve and/or process data. The deliverables of uTOOL are either to be downloaded by or emailed to the user.



This tool is to clip a portion of the map from various data sources chosen by user. A word file will also be generate so that the image can used in CADD environment with a local grid system, i.e. State Plane Coordinate System (SPCS) in US.

Example Data:

Video Demonstration:



This tool is to process a data set with geo locations so that a KML file is generated and emailed to the user. The geo location data may be in geodetic grid (i.e., WGS 84) or local grid (i.e. State Plane Coordinate, SPC in US). A user defined local grid system is also supported. The definition requires at least two points (2 pairs of NE coordinates) that have WGS 84 coordinates (lat and long) or other known local grid system, i.e. State Plane Coordinate (SPC) in US. The delivered KML file may be used in many GIS software, such as Google Earth.

Example Data:

Video Demonstration:



This free widget is located at the low left corner of any map hosted by uGRIDD. The button toggles between active and inactive modes. It provides distances and headings of lines (and line strings) and areas of closed shapes on the ellipsoid surface. The shapes are limited to simple polygons without area overlapping.

uConvert (to be developed)

This free widget is working in conjunction with Location of Interest (LOI). Once you enter a LOI, you may display the same point in many modes, including geodetic coordinates (WGS 84, latitude and longitude), commonly used location grid (i.e., State Plane Coordinate, SPC in US), user defined projection, address, and/or land mark. Similarly, you may enter and select your LOI by any of the above data formats. This feature only works with a single point LOI, not line (or line string), or shape type of LOI.