uFIND is a subscription service that allows users to find data based on Location of Interest (LOI) on the front page of uGRIDD web site. Without a subscription, you can use this function to find data hosted by uGRIDD and data uploaded by other users for the public. uFIND can also be used to locate users, user groups, organizations, and user generated URLs - as long as these special data elements are set for public visibility.

Location of Interest

LOI can be a point, a line or a shape with a search buffer from 0 to 20 miles (or 0 to 50 kilometers). Data layers, georeferenced users, user groups, organizations, and user generated URLs (via uSHOW functions) included in the query that intersects with the search buffer will be displayed on the map for further filtering and viewing.

An LOI point can be entered in many ways. Besides address, landmark, and other common methods offered, users can enter LOI by geodetic coordinates (latitude and longitude), commonly used local grid (i.e., State Plane Coordinates, SPC), and coordinates based on a user defined projection.


Video Demonstration: