New uPANO, v2.1

View, measure, and extract LiDAR data in your web browser

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Any Device, Anywhere

uPANO works on any internet connected device with a web browser. No additional software needed!

Precise Point Picking

Precise snap picking of actual LiDAR points with shading and/or point depth under spotlight tool. No imagery or modeling interpolation needed.

LRS Visualization

If your LiDAR2Map or Scan2Map is associated with a LRS, you can visualize this line inside uPANO at even fractional stations, such as every 10, 20, 50 or 100 feet (or meters).

Free Vantage position

Beside panoramic viewing, Advanced uPANO users now have the freedom of moving to a vantage position and choosing an orientation.

uPANO is available in the following uSHOW tools:


This tool allows terrestrial laser scanning service providers to publish their scan data so that clients can visualize the data in their web browsers. Currently the tool supports Leica TruView and Trimble RealWorks data. This tool replaces previously released TruView2Map and TScan2Map.


This tool allows users to visualize registered LiDAR data collected by any commercial laser scanner or mobile LiDAR system in your web browser or mobile device. LiDAR2Map produces panorama views at the given vantage points from LiDAR data and displays them on an interactive map.