Aerial LiDAR on uGRIDD,Quickly Find and Download LiDAR Data in uFIND

Dear uGRIDD users: 

uGRIDD has proven its commitment to making LiDAR data more accessible and presentable through LiDAR2Map. You may not know that uGRIDD also makes publicly available aerial LiDAR data easy to find and download through uFIND.
With so many LiDAR datasets scattered across government agencies in the US, finding the right data is laborious and time consuming. Our data team has done the heavy lifting to make your search as easy as possible. With uFIND, users define a Location of Interest (LOI) to find all LiDAR data within a selected radius. Once you find a LiDAR data tile, uGRIDD provides all metadata and external links.
Visit today to see all the features available through uFIND that can help you with your project needs.

uGRIDD’s LiDAR collections:

Connecticut Idaho
Indiana Iowa
Kansas Kentucky
Louisiana Massachusetts
Minnesota Mississippi
Missouri Montana
Nebraska NOAA
North Carolina Ohio
Pennsylvania Rhode Island
South Carolina Utah
Vermont Virginia
West Virginia