Leica TruView software is for everyday professionals who want to easily view and measure rich, laser scan point clouds without having to be an expert in the field. For additional information, see links below:



Leica TruView only works on desktop versions of Internet Explorer. However, uGRIDD provides an alternative interface called "uPANO" to access your TruView data on any browser and mobile device!

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The Self Hosting option gives you the opportunity to choose a preferred off-site location to host TruViews. You will need to provide accessible links of your site maps.


  • The TruView files can be accessed from public URLs, intranet is not an option
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The uGRIDD Hosting option takes care of data storage for you.  When selected, you will be prompted to upload a Zip file containing the TruView files. For instructions on how to create the required Zip file, please reference this guide.

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Zipping your TruView files is extremely easy. Please reference the link below for full instruction.

How to Zip Your TruViews

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uPANO is a web-based panorama viewer for 3D laser scanning data and other panorama photos. Using uGRIDD’s TruView2Map and LiDAR2Map tool, now you can view LiDAR scans in any browser, including smartphones and tablets, without plugins or compatibility issues. uPANO also includes features for measurement and XYZ coordinate extraction.

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